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Tier 2 Business Credit Vendors, No PG Cards & Tradelines

Keep building business credit with net 30 trade lines from our top list of tier 2 credit accounts, retail stores, credit cards, and gas cards. Where possible, take advantage of vendors who report to three business credit bureaus or more so you can have an established business credit profile as you progress through all four tiers.


List of Tier 2 Credit Vendors

Below you’ll find our top vendors when applying for Tier 2 accounts, based on how likely you are to get approved.

      If you’d like to build consumer credit to personal credit cards while working on your business credit rating, be sure to also check out OpenSkyeCredable Lift, and Fingerhut too.

      Credit Builders

      There are a few notable tier 2 business credit cards that are available to recently established businesses. While some companies like Divvy don’t use personal credit checks or hard pulls, the majority will, as well as, require a personal guarantee.